To apply for an allotment, complete the application form below. Please read the FAQs and the Tenancy Agreement first.

For any enquiries, please contact us by completing the Enquiry Form below or by telephone on 07714~703455.

  • Q: Who can apply for an allotment?

    A: Priority is given to residents of Wiveliscombe and the nearby surrounding area. You have to be 16 or over to apply.

    Q: Can I come and see the allotments?

    A: Yes, by appointment with the Membership Secretary if you are interested in having a plot. Otherwise, you can visit when we have an open day for the general public.

    Q: How much does it cost to rent an allotment plot?

    A: For 2021, rental of a full plot is £30. A half plot is £16 and a quarter plot is £8.50. The price is set by the Town Council each year. The cost is for rental of the allotment for one year starting from 1st January. If you take on an allotment later in the year you may still have to pay the full years’ rental.

    Q: When can I start?

    A: This will depend on when allotment plots become available and how many people are on the waiting list. When you get to the top of the waiting list you will be offered the next plot to become available. Generally, most plots become available at the beginning of the year, when people decide not to renew their rental. However, plots do become available throughout the year for other reasons.

    Q: How long will I have to wait?

    A: This varies depending on the number of people on the waiting list and the plot size you want.

    Q: What size of plot can I have?

    A: It depends what sized plot becomes available when you reach the top of the waiting list. You will be contacted and offered what is available. The majority of allotments are half plots. A half plot is sufficient for a couple, or a family who mostly use their allotment in the summer months.

    Q: Can I choose which plot I have?

    A: It is unlikely that there will be more than one plot available when you reach the top of the waiting list but where possible we will give you some choice in which allotment plot you can have.

    Q: What can I expect?

    A: Unless you are very lucky, it is likely that you will inherit a plot which will require some time and effort before you can fully cultivate it. Often, by the time it becomes apparent that someone can no longer manage to maintain an allotment, their plot has become overgrown.

    Q: Can I share my plot?

    A: Yes, you can share your plot with family members or a friend, but you cannot sub-let any part of your plot. For each plot there can only be one nominated person who pays the rent and is entitled to vote in allotment Association business.

    Q: I would just like to share a plot or help somebody else with theirs.

    A: We understand that not everyone wants the commitment of an allotment full time. There are often opportunities to help or share a plot. Please contact the Membership Secretary with your details and we will contact you to discuss what options are available.

    Q: Can I have a shed/greenhouse/polytunnel on my plot?

    A: You must ask the permission of the Town Council before putting up a shed or polytunnel on your plot (there may already be one if you are lucky). You cannot have a greenhouse made from glass.

    Q: Can I keep livestock on my plot?

    A: No. At the moment the Town Council does not allow animals or bees to be kept on the allotments.

    Q: Do the allotments have water?

    A: Mains water is supplied to the site, but we encourage rainwater harvesting before resorting to the taps in order to save water. Connecting hosepipes to taps is not permitted by Wessex Water.